On March 15th in Ardea - province of Rome - at the Golden Brasil Coffee roaster - the last Italian leg of the LAGS BATTLE Selection was held, in view of the national and World championship which will be held at Host Milan, respectively on the 20th and 21st October 2019.

There were 11 challengers at this final stage, divided into the various Grading categories (green, red and black); they will challenge each other with latte art on the patterns of their level; a day therefore dedicated to professionalism and experience in the free pour technique !!

Below is the list of participants:

On the green level Lucio Bergantino, Luca Frappietro and Paola Andrea Torrico Garcia.

Gianluca Tofani, Alessandro Bastianoni and Walter Scarnò were then challenged for the red Grading;

finally the Battle ended with the black category: Renzo Solazzo, Matteo Savelli, Salvatore Spavone, Donna Rotatori and Fabio Scacciaferro.

The judges of this LAGS BATTLE, Luca Bernardoni and Fabiano Bucci, with a watchful and vigilant eye have decreed the winners of the various Grading categories, which are reported below:

Green Jug Category: Paola Andrea Torrico Garcia;

Red JUg Category: Gianluca Tofani;

Black Jug Category: Fabio Scacciaferro.

The Latte Art Grading System, Brita, Motta and Pulycaff sponsors, always present, together with the sponsor of the roasting that hosted the Battle - Arditi l'Espresso from Italy.

The next stage will therefore challenge the champions of this last Italian selection and the previous ones at Host Milan, on October 20th 2019, to proceed then on October 21st with the World LAGS BATTLE that will see the champions of the various nations of the world challenge each other.

The 12 champion of the various Italian stages are the following:

Green Jug Category: Massimiliano Saldi, Mattia Scalia, Mariella Uscidda e Paola Andrea Torrico Garcia;

Red Jug Category: Fabio Gesmundo, Diletta Sisti, Maurizio Boi e Gainluca Tofani;

Black Jug Category: Carmen Clemente, Manuel Verdini, Claudio Bianco e Fabio Scacciaferro.


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