LAGS - 14/04/2020

To all Baristas / Examiners / Lags Certification Points

In this moment where everything is slowed down, if not to say stopped, the Lags - always in a function of positivity and optimism - has had the time to develop the project of changes to the system's patterns.

Slight but important, the system variations have been designed and developed with a view to greater accessibility by all baristas in order to improve the growth of the LAGS circuit;

the actual changes have focused in the elimination of some double patterns and in the addition of missing ones where they were needed, so that the barista who continues on the path has adequate preparation in approaching them to the next level.

Basically the white, green and red grading levels have been changed as follows:


Leaf (rosetta) with minimum 6 elements replaced by Heart.


Cappuccino with tulip with minimum 6 elements replaced by Capuccino with a 10 elements rosetta.


Cappuccino with tulip with minimum 8 elements replaced by Cappuccino with 2 rosettes in line.

Until May 30, 2020 it will still be possible to take the exams referring to the old patterns, to give the opportunity to those who have trained recently and will soon take the level exam, although we already recommend everyone to operate on the new patterns.

However, given that the LAGS Application (both on Android and on Ios systems) has already been modified, those who want to use the exam sheet with the old patterns will have to take it in paper format: we will make it available to those who request it.

All the disciplinaries, images and related patterns are already available online; at the moment there are still no changes to the video tutorials, which we will upload as soon as the emergency has resolved.

In the meantime, we remind everyone that it’s possible to take the Lags exam online by sending the video to the Examiner.

Sure to do something pleasing, we remain at your disposal,

The Lags Team


+39 030 9636365