LAGS - 06/11/2020

To all Baristas / Examiners / Grading Point Lags

We are experiencing a moment of great international and national complexity due to COVID19, but despite this the LAGS doesn’t stop!

In fact, with a view to positivity and an outlook towards the future, through the online system, it is possible to continue to certify and take the exams of the LAGS circuit.

It will then be possible to send to the Lags headquarters and to the relevant examiners / Lags Certification Point, the video with the exam that must meet the following characteristics:

• the image of the barista performing the pattern must be clear and visible

• the execution of the patterns, including the production of espresso and milk froth

• the final shooting of the patterns from above with the cups aligned

The examiners can therefore view the video and draw up the examiner judge sheet or on the appropriate App. The video / exam must then be sent to the system via email (if you send the video to the headquarters only via WeTransfer to system@latteartgrading.com - or keep it available for any "evidence").

The Lags will send the relevant certifications via e-mail within about 10 days (except for management difficulties) - while for the related "jug", if you don’t have them available, they will be sent as always. Anyone who needs further clarification on the matter can use the System email system@latteargrading.com or contact the number 030.9636365.

Ps: IMPORTANT !!! Don’t send the video of the exam to the System email directly (only with WeTransfer) For any renewals of examiner fee it is possible by proceeding as usual or by contacting the system via email. We are sure that we will all get out of it as soon as possible and stronger than before!

Best regards

Latte Art Grading System


+39 030 9636365