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LAGS - 16/11/2020

The LAGS never stops and for this reason, on the one hand to accommodate the requests of the Examiners - and therefore of those who use the LAGS application live - and on the other with a view to continuous improvement and development of the devices , of the instruments and of the system itself - we have decided to eliminate the “TIMER” from the application.

This will allow Examiners to carry out the exam in a more fluent, dynamic, intuitive and simplified way.

Using a timer external to the application (which may be that of the smartphone or a timer / stopwatch) at the end of the exam, the TOTAL TIME OF THE EXAM will be entered in the new boxes.

In any case, it will always be the application that automatically - once the Examiner has manually entered the time taken to carry out the exam - will calculate the score and any errors.

Every other aspect of the application has remained unchanged, including the need for cheerful images for each exam sent to the system.


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