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A NEW JUDGES TEAM FOR L.A.G.S. (Latte Art Grading System)

LAGS - 06/04/2021

On March 30, 2021, the first Italian Calibration of the Latte Art Grading System judges took place.

Already the new 2.0 regulation provided that all competitions have calibrated judges in presence but in view of the future developments of the system everything became even more necessary.

At the call of the Lags, where for Italy, the maximum number of judges expected is 10, the Examiners adhering to the system sent numerous requests, many of which are on standby for now due to the number reached.

Indeed, the quorum of judges met for the Italy Lags Judge Calibration, which will make this new tool active: a team of professionals who will act as judge in competitions and make new changes to the existing regulations.

The calibration dealt with the fundamental aspects that a judge must have and be, behavior and responsibility, competence and knowledge of the rules of the Lags Battle, up to practical tests of discussion and comparison on many competition patterns in order to align the different points of view and conform to the correct judgment.

According to the founder of Lags Luca Ramoni (who created the system about 7 years ago), a group has emerged strongly motivated to do well and to grow this "discipline" which is increasingly the driving force of many others who are involved in the world of coffee. It was necessary to have a team of expert judges to give value to a system that was born from Italy and that gives prestige to our ability and competence.

The Baristas / Examiner Lags present at the calibration:

Massimiliano Crispino – LAGS Barista Milan

Simone Cattani - Examiner and Lags Certification Point CTA Academy - Verona

Christian Salerno - Examiner - Reggio Calabria

Manuel Verdini - Examiner - Senigallia

Annamaria Marocchini - Examiner - Frosinone

Maurizio Boi - Examiner - Nuoro

Nicola Manzo - Examiner - Genoa

Alessandro Lanteri – Examiner - Imperia

Fabiano Bucci - Examiner and Lags Certification Point Accademia Degustibus - Rome

Francesco Masala – Examiner - Sassari

For abroad:

Claudio Jovine - Mexico

Abdel Aziz Quassouni - Morocco

We hope soon to see this team at work in the next national and international championships together with the new group of judges that will arise from the next Calibration which will be made for foreign countries adhering to the L.A.G.S. system.



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