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LAGS - 25/10/2019

The World Lags Battle ended at Host on October 21st 2019.

A day full of show, yes, but above all of the professionalism and skill of the competitors who have come from all over the world to win the victory with latte art!

Nine in fact were the nations competing: Slovenia, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, China, Switzerland, Myanmar and Italy which during the day tested their ability to take home the victory.

The best latte art judges, from various parts of the world, including China, Italy and Morocco, have decreed the executions and the challenges which have taken place throughout the day.

This second edition of the world championship saw Italy win the victory on all levels of Grading, respectively with Paola Andrea Torrico Garcia on the green level, followed by Slovenia with Nejc Knez, Maurizio Boi on red, followed by Peru with Jesus Gamarra, Fabio Scacciaferro on black, followed by China with Yang Jie and obviously our world champion Manuela Fensore on the gold level.

Italy is therefore the champion of this Battle, the only one of its kind which has given life to exciting competitions and thrilling moments throughout the day.

We remember all the sponsors of this global event: Ottolina Caffè, Rancilio Group, Anfim, Centrale del Latte, Asachimici, Metallurgica Motta, Brita, Varanini Caffè, with a very interesting prize!!

There is already excitement for the next world Lags Battle ... The appointment is now for 2021 !!


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