LAGS - 20/06/2024

The Italian final of the Latte Art Grading System (LAGS) will be held on Wednesday 3 July 2024 at the Brixia Arena. The event, which will take place in via Allegri 127 in Brescia from approximately 9:00 to 17:00, will see the best Italian latte art artists compete for the national title.

Italian finalists

The finalists were selected through four preliminary editions which were held in Sigep (Cellini Caffè), Bergamo (Brita), Naples (Saka Caffè) and Ragusa (Brazilcafè). The winners of these regional competitions will now face each other in the Italian final, with the aim of demonstrating their ability in latte art according to the competition specifications

International Challenge

The best at each level will have the opportunity to compete against top LAGS players from around the world, including Peru, Chile, Slovenia, Iran, Spain, Morocco, Bolivia, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and many other countries that they are currently carrying out their national battles.

Notable Participants

The Italian final will also see the participation of the highest level, the gold level, figures of international importance such as Carmen Clemente, Michele Hu and Stefano Cevenini. These artists, known for their mastery and innovation in latte art, will compete in a competition that promises to be spectacular.


The jury of the grand final will be made up of five judges authorized by the LAGS system: Andrea Villa, Simone Cattani, Maurizio Boi, Nicola Manzo and Fabio Proietto. These experts will evaluate the participants' performances based on precision and technique criteria.

Official partners of the event

The event enjoys the support of several partner companies, including:

Torrefazione Agust for coffee (Miscela Riserva 87), Rancilio (with Classe 20), Metallurgica Motta, Pulycaff, Ipa with Latte Art cups, Centrale del Latte di Brescia (with Recappuiccio UHT), Anfim Hemro (with Luna grinders), Clean Express, Toschi (Openbar), Brita.

General informations

The event will end with the awarding of the winners by the partners.

For further information on access and reservations, you can contact the organization at the email address system@latteargrading.com  or visit the website www.latteargrading.com  .

We can't wait to watch this super final and find out who the next champions of the Latte Art Grading System, Italy will be!



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