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LAGS - 13/10/2022

2022 began with the national selection stages of the LAGS BATTLE of the Latte Art Grading System, organized in many countries around the world which are part of the LAGS circuit.

This is a sign that the system sees a grandiose and important development and enhancement, not only at an Italian level but also at a global level, thanks to THE LAGS BATTLE and THE WLAGS BATTLE competitions which aim to grow the Latte Art Grading System and set standards internationally.

In fact, many Lags Certification Points that have been activated this year and which have generated, together with the LAGS Headquarters, national LAGS BATTLE, in view of the WLAGS BATTLE World Championship organized by the Chapter Brewever Consulting Co. in December (6-8 December 2022), which this year will be played in the territories of the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi.

The nations organizing the national competitions THE LAGS BATTLE and which will participate in the World final will be very many; starting from Central America, with Mexico and then moving to the South with Peru and Chile, we will subsequently see the start of European competitions with Switzerland, Spain and Slovenia.

It will then be the turn of Asia which, starting from Western Asia with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, will then host THE LAGS BATTLE competitions in Vietnam and Nepal for South Asia.

Italy has already decreed the finalists in June 2022, for the green, red, black and gold levels that will represent the nation at the WLAGS in Abu Dhabi together with all the world finalists.

Countries not yet present within the Latte Art Grading System circuit can propose to organize national competitions in order to start setting up the new 2023 selection stages in view of the Host WLAGS World Champioship which will be played in October 2023 in Milan.

To discover and follow the LAGS BATTLE 2022, you can connect to the Latte Art Grading System website in the "HOME PAGE" section (https://www.latteartgrading.com/home.php) and on the official Instagram and Facebook social pages of the LAGS circuit.

Anyone wishing more information can contact the LAGS Secretariat at the mail system@latteartgrading.com.

Good luck to all and may the best win!!!

The Lags Team


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