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LAGS - 29.05.2023

2023 is a year full of national and international events of the Latte Art Grading System, organized in many countries around the world which are part of the LAGS circuit.

This indicates that the system continues to grow and develop, creating a virtuous circuit of development and strengthening, both in Italy and worldwide, thanks to the competitions THE LAGS BATTLE and THE WLAGS BATTLE which aim to increase the professionalism of baristas who are part of the Latte Art Grading System and set standards internationally.

In fact, many Lags Certification Points have been activated this year and have organised, together with the LAGS Headquarters, national competitions (THE LAGS BATTLE), in view of the THE WLAGS BATTLE World Championship in October (October 16, 2023), which this year will be played in Milan at the Host fair.

The nations organizing the national THE LAGS BATTLE competitions and partecipating in the world final will be many: starting from Slovenia which on June 01st will bring the second edition of THE LAGS BATTLE in Slovenia, organized by the Chapter Lags Certification Point Barcafè of the Atlantic Groupa group.

It will then be Morocco's turn, which on June 24 will also play the second national edition of THE LAGS BATTLE, after the world victory brought home last year in Abu Dhabi by the red level champion Ouhaga Mounâïm.

July will be a month full of LAGS competitions: on 02 July it will be Chile's turn, then there will be Peru which on 8 July will see its national champions compete in this second edition of LAGS BATTLE; and again, it will be the turn of Puerto Rico which on July 29, for the very first time, organizes a national stage to decree the Puerto Rican champions in view of the world final of Host 2023. Finally, for Asia there will be THE LAGS BATTLE of Vietnam, second edition after last year's first.

It will then be Bolivia's turn, which on August 27 will play its very first Lags Battle thanks to the support of the Lags Certification Point present in the territory.

Obviously Spain will not be missing, actually on 8 September, thanks to the development of many Lags Certification Points, will see its champions challenge each other with shots of latte art to grab the national victory and thus be able to access THE WLAGS BATTLE in Milan in October 2023.

Colombia this year, for the very first time, is organizing its own national LAGS BATTLE thanks to the new Lags Certification Point activated in the area.

Finally, as far as the Arab world is concerned, the LAGS BATTLE for Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will be played between September and the beginning of October.

Italy, on the other hand, will be the last: in fact, the Italian THE LAGS BATTLE national team for the green, red, black and gold levels will be held in Milan at Host on 15 October 2023, the day before the THE WLAGS BATTLE 2023 world championship.

To find out all the details of the LAGS BATTLE 2023 it is possible to connect to the Latte Art Grading System website in the "HOME PAGE" section (https://www.latteartgrading.com/home.php) and on the circuit's official Instagram and Facebook social pages LAGS.

Anyone wishing more information can contact the LAGS Offices at system@latteartgrading.com.

Good luck to all and may the best win!!!

This program may be subject to changes.

The Lags Team


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