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LAGS - 20.07.2023

Everyone ready for Host 2023?!

THE LAGS BATTLE 3.0 regulation has been released, the regulation of THE LAGS BATTLE and THE WLAGS BATTLE competitions which, in view of the Italian national championship and above all of the WORLD LAGS BATTLE on 16 October 2023, wanted to expand further to become the tool - increasingly specific and defined - in the hands of the international judges of the system and of all the competitors who will take part in the competitions signed by the Latte Art Grading System!

In this way the LAGS circuit wanted to add important specifications to an already present and in force regulation, expanding it in the contents and specifying in the form, precisely renaming it THE LAGS BATTLE 3.0!

This intervention was necessary, as the system is growing more and more and consequently also the competitions linked to it which, in recent years, have quadrupled, now reaching almost every part of the hemisphere! Actually, in addition to the widespread presence of the Lags Certification Points, i.e. the Latte Art Grading System certified schools and examiners in most of the world, the competitions branded THE LAGS BATTLE have also grown visibly. This year at Host there will be 14 nations competing to decide who will take home the title of world champion in 2023!

THE LAGS BATTLE 3.0 regulation represents a device that is always being updated, modified and improved to cope with the development and expansion of the system's competitions, a tool which, in participation and sharing by the Judge Committee, guarantees an ever higher level of the LAGS BATTLE and WLAGS BATTLE competitions!

In addition to the changes made to the Lags Battle regulations, the LAGS system also wanted to make additional specifications in the disciplinary regulations, specifying the minimum number of elements on the leaves (rosettes) of the red, black and gold levels. The same have also been reported in the competition regulations in order to make it a complete tool in the hands of the judges and competitors!

Here you will find the new THE LAGS BATTLE 3.0 regulation and here the LAGS disciplinary with the specifications on the minimum number of elements of the red and black level rosettes and on the gold level!

Happy viewing and happy reading!


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