LAGS - 17/10/2023

The national championship of the Latte Art Grading System circuit took place on October 15th, which saw 14 Italian latte artists compete on the LAGS disciplinary patterns to win and thus move on to the world championship on Monday, 16th October. The competitors, winners of the four national selection stages, competed on the green, red, black and gold levels, putting all their skills into play to win the title of Italian champions. Only four of them won, one for each level in the competition: Giuseppe D'Arco for the green level, Salvatore Riunno on the red level, Carmela Maresca on the black level and Michele Zhonghua Hu on the gold level.

On Monday 16th October the four national champions, together with the national champions of eight other countries around the world, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Spain, Colombia, Vietnam and Thailand, played the World Championship of the Latte Art Grading System, THE WLAGS BATTLE 2023, which took place in Milan at the Host Fair in a grandiose and imposing arena.

There were therefore many nations competing, 9 to be exact and 24 champions and professionals of the latte art discipline, coming from many parts of the world, who challenged each other on the patterns required by the LAGS circuit, putting all their skills into practice.

And so on 15 and 16 October 2023 Host first hosted the Italian national team The Lags Battle and subsequently the fourth edition of THE WORLD LAGS BATTLE and all the latte artists from Italy, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru and also from Spain, Vietnam, Colombia and Thailand.

Two exciting days full of suspense, professionalism but also fun, at the end of which the international judges of the Latte Art Grading System circuit, respectively Simone Cattani, Nicola Manzo, Francesco Masala, Abdelaziz Qaissouni, Maurizio Boi, Ignazio Trovato, Aleš Gorenc, Renata Kocevar, Toni Matas and Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Aljaser - from Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, Peru, Slovenia and Kuwait - have declared the world champions of this fourth edition of THE WLAGS BATTLE 2023.

On the green level the current world champion is Matias Felipe Faundez Faundz from Chile, for the red level Italy ranked with Salvatore Riunno, on the black level the winner is Jorge Figueroa from Puerto Rico, and finally on the gold level the champion it is the Italian Michele Zhonghua Hu, who confirmed the Italian national victory by also taking home the world championship!

In short, two days truly full of emotions, commitment, professionalism and competitive spirit!

Now it's time to plan the new 2024 national selection stages in view of THE WLAGS BATTLE 2024... are you wondering where? Stay tuned to receive all the news soon!


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