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The LAGS Battle: 3rd Stop in Naples

LAGS - 24/04/2024

On May 14th, the third stage of THE LAGS BATTLE will take place in Naples, the Italian selection for the national finals which will be held on July 3rd in Brescia. Only the top three baristas from the Green, Red, and Black levels will advance to the next round to compete in the grand finale, where they will also face off against the Gold level baristas, the highest level of LAGS.

The Naples stage is organized with the support of SAKA Caffè roastery, along with the main partners: Rancilio, Brita, Hemro Anfim, Pulycaff, Recappuccio, Ipa, Metallurgica Motta, Clean Express Technology, Toschi, and Qwarzo, who actively support the system in this region of the peninsula.

Four authorized international judges will be introduced at the event before the competition begins.

LAGS, with nearly 10 years of history, is present in over 50 countries worldwide, with thousands of certified baristas, examiners, and judges driving the system. We eagerly await the results of this stage, as the Ragusa stage in Sicily is set to follow shortly on June 5th.

We look forward to seeing you there! Warm up your milk pitchers!


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